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Underserved Community Investments

At Camino Real Capital Partners LLC (“CRCP”), we are fully committed to our New Mexico community and seek to make a positive impact in our State. As such, we have chosen Santa Fe as our headquarters and endeavor to reach out to, and partner with, underserved communities throughout the State.

It is a goal of CRCP to connect local, underserved Native American and Hispanic entrepreneurs and business owners with the equity capital and business expertise which they traditionally may not have had access to, allowing them to grow their businesses and further serve their communities.

CRCP seeks partner entrepreneurs, innovators and business owners who have a vision of creating, or scaling-up their enterprises to a regional, or even national presence, resulting in increased employment opportunities and benefits for our local communities, right here in New Mexico. Camino Real Capital Partners specifically looks to embrace low-income entrepreneurs and innovators who otherwise would not have access to equity investment and mentorship.

Beyond our focus on seeking partners and investing capital, our owners and employees are active in their respective communities and support many volunteer and non-profit organizations with both their time and resources.

If you would like to tell us about your technology, business, or potential opportunity, please fill out our easy to use form. Our team will review your businesses’ potential and respond as soon as practical.

At Camino Real Capital Partners, we look forward to hearing from you; the New Mexico entrepreneur.

*Note: Camino Real Capital Partners, LLC is not a law firm, a CPA firm, or investment advisory or financial planning firm and provides no legal advice or opinions to any party, nor any tax planning, financial planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, estate planning, or wealth management or investment advisory services of any kind. Camino Real Capital Partners, LLC strongly encourages any firm or individual seeking investment from CRCP, as well as any and all accredited investors and co-venturers seeking side-by-side investment with CRCP, to consult with their own, independent legal, financial, tax, investment and other advisors so as to solely rely upon their own judgment and due diligence in the determination of the risk and suitability of any investment and terms.