Investing in America's Innovators & Emerging Technologies

Our Firm


  • A strong management team with an equity incentive to grow the value of their company
  • Businesses that have created, or capitalize upon, transformative or disruptive technology
  • Strong market position, protected intellectual property and brand value
  • Companies with growth potential through multiple avenues
  • Situations where one or more existing shareholders desire a liquidity event but continuity of the management team remains
  • Equity investment of $250 thousand - $10 million in transactions valued between $0.5 million and $50 million
  • “Early Days” technology that has the potential to be disruptive in the market place
  • Innovators seeking marketing insight and/or management guidance


Camino Real Capital Partners, LLC is a unique brand of private investment firm. We invest our own capital and the capital of our network of accredited co-venturers and prefer to build longer-term value through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. We are less concerned with quick exit strategies than we are in long-term value creation. We rely on our management partners to guide our investments to their full potential but offer certain business expertise and acumen along the way, as a true partner should.

*Note: Camino Real Capital Partners, LLC is not a law firm, a CPA firm, or investment advisory or financial planning firm and provides no legal advice or opinions to any party, nor any tax planning, financial planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, estate planning, or wealth management or investment advisory services of any kind. Camino Real Capital Partners, LLC strongly encourages any firm or individual seeking investment from CRCP, as well as any and all accredited investors and co-venturers seeking side-by-side investment with CRCP, to consult with their own, independent legal, financial, tax, investment and other advisors so as to solely rely upon their own judgment and due diligence in the determination of the risk and suitability of any investment and terms.